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Deep cleaning car seats
Have you purchased a second-hand car and is the interior contaminated?
Is your own car in urgent need of a thorough freshening up?
Do you want to sell a car at an interesting price but are there a musty smell in the interior? At Qrosh interior you can go for professional industrial car cleaning. The result is a fresh, beautiful car that seems to have just left the showroom!

Company cars & commercial vehicles
Have you taken over a company car and the interior is contaminated? An industrial steam cleaning removes all sorts of stains from car seats, floors, roof skies, boot space, etc. The interior not only looks brand new, it also smells like new thanks to an ozone treatment.

Our extractor cleans your seats down to the deepest fiber. Deep cleaning / interior cleaning With a deep cleaning, the interior of your car is completely taken care of. With the help of an extractor, even the most stubborn stains are removed from your car seats and upholstery. If the seats are extremely dirty, we will disassemble them from the vehicle. This way we can reach even the smallest corners. with optimum cleaning as a result. Also the carpet, the mats and the upholstery of your suitcase can (if you wish) be thoroughly cleaned with the extractor. Looking for deep cleaning for seats or carpets?

Leather interior
If you have a leather interior, you can opt for cleaning & re-feeding for a soft and supple result. The carpet, the mats, and trunk covers can also be cleaned.

Remove unpleasant odors from your car with an ozone treatment

Is there a cigarette smell or other unpleasant odor in your car? Even thorough cleaning of your car is sometimes not enough. The scents are located in the deepest fibers of the interior of your car. With an ozone treatment these odors are neutralized and your car smells like new again.

How does an ozone treatment work?

With ozone treatment, an ozone generator is placed in the car for at least 1 hour. This device converts the oxygen from the surrounding air into ozone. The generated ozone particles spread to the smallest corners of your car. The ozone molecules bind to and neutralize microorganisms such as viruses, fungi and bacteria. As a result, they fall apart in CO2 and water and you are released from the smell that they spread. In short, after ozone treatment of your car, the interior will not only smell fresher, but will also be considerably more hygienic and healthier. However, the odor treatment does have a disinfecting and deodorizing effect, but does not clean. As a result, odors that are deep in the textile can return after a few weeks. It is therefore advisable to have a deep cleaning carried out together with the odor treatment.

sigaretten geur verwijderenRemove cigarette smell

Cigarette smoke is one of the most common causes of odors in the textile of your car. Have you received the company car from a smoking colleague? Or do you wish to clean the car before you sell it? Then ozone treatment is the right choice. When the car no longer has a smoke smell, it will sell much smoother.


Ozone is a gas that is present in the atmosphere. An ozone molecule consists of 3 oxygen atoms (chemical formula O3), in contrast to the ordinary molecular oxygen (O2) consisting of only two atoms. Ozone has a typical odor that can also be observed with electrical discharges (in old copiers, for example). Using an electrolytic discharge, an ozone generator can convert oxygen (O2) into ozone.


The price for a contract is highly dependent on the type of vehicle. The products can also vary per assignment. Would you like a quote? Then contact us without obligation.

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How long does a treatment take?
The duration of a treatment often depends on the degree of contamination and the type of treatment that best suits your car.